Furniture Upholstering

We offer a wide range of upholstering services. We realise furniture of various styles. In our offer can be found both beautiful and timeless Stylish Furniture, and Modern Furniture which keeps abreast of the time.

We manufacture:

Sofas, couches – 2-3 seaters with or without a sleep function;
Corner units – smaller, larger, with or without a sleep function, with or without a chest for bedding;
Armchairs of bergère, Lirka, Napoleon, Dominique types, the latter with exposed legs and trimmed with gathered fabric;
Chairs – entirely or partially upholstered, including stools, bar chairs;
Seats intended for garden furniture;
Seats intended for chest of drawers.



Each piece of our furniture is hand-made with an attention to the smallest details.

Custom-Made Furniture:

In order to meet expectations of our Customers we realise original and designer’s furniture on custom order. We try to meet even the most original ideas.

Furniture Restoration and Restyling

We know how difficult is to part with a beloved piece of furniture or how little is sometimes missed to make a concerned piece of furniture perfect therefore we offer You services within a scope of furniture restoration and restyling. Our offer concerns also antiques.

Furniture Upholstering for Spas and Hairdressing Salons

We provide restorations of specialist furniture intended for the spas and hairdressing salons.
We have at our disposal a wide offer of fabrics which not only make a customer’s stay more enjoyable by their aesthetics, but also facilitate maintain cleanliness and hygiene by the staff. Here perfectly work fabrics characterised by high abrasiveness, water-proof, mould resistant, and also many, many others.

Upholstering of Restaurant and Club Furniture

We assist new restaurant owners with designing their premises, adjust appropriate fabrics, make tailored furniture, as well as we rescue old restaurant and club furniture on which time has left its impression.

Non-Standard Upholstering

We realise more or less not-standard orders. We upholster entire walls, make bolsters of beds and cots. We provide sound insulation and upholstering of doors. We create atmospheric seats on the low window sills, upholster chest of drawers and chests for the children rooms, and hallways. We make jewellery stalls.

Yacht Upholstering

As a part of yacht upholstering we provide upholstering of the boat insides: a cabin, furniture.